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Ladder riveting machine series

ZYJ-6 Multi-head ladder machine, ladder expanding machine, ladder machine

  • Pressure: 60Kn
  • Power: 4Kw
  • Function: Expanding
  • Leading manufacturer of riveting machine in China,high-tech enterprise, riveting machine D&R base-Wuh

ZYJ-6 (Multi-head expanding machine)

      As a leading manufactuer of riveting machine in China, Wuhan rivet machinery Co., Ltd as a strong new products development and research team,using it’s own special technology and patents of radial riveting machine principles to manufacturing variety of aluminium ladder making machine. It has been more than 10 year’s continuous improve and optimize that variety of ladder making machine covered all ladder’s making and manufacturing, Including expanding machine, flaring machine, expanding and flaring integrated on one bench machine, automatic flaring machine, automatic ladder making machine (insert rung, expanding, flaring are all by automatically), swaging machine, PLC control swaging machine, house ladder bending machine, punching machine, automatic punching machine, hinge riveting machine etc.

       Via more than 10 years manufacturing of ladder making machine that we have obtained substantial experience both machine manufacturing and ladder making technology, in order to meet customer’s requirment of large quantity production that we have successfully produced multi-head expanding machine and flaring machine: 6-heads (3-steps), 8-heads (4-steps),10-head (5-steps).



        Expanding--Also called as open rung, the die insert into double side of rung to open and made it on profile tightly and  outside of rung became the shape of teen. This technology application for square rung, rectangle rung and oval rung , the material generally by 6060: 6063 and hardness between WH 8°-12°, standard is RCS-T5, profile material is 6065 and hardness larger than 14°.



Max.pressure                                        60Kn

Power                                                    4Kw

Allowed out put pressure                    6MPa

Expanding system move                    150mm

Expanding cylinder stroke                  150mm

Height of expanding                            0.5-2mm adjustable

Process rung range                            Square,rectangle,oval etc

Width range of ladder                        300mm-550mm

Distance of rung                                  250-310mm adjustable

Height of holder                                   270mm

Clamping cylinder                               2 Nos.

Positioning cylinder                            2 Nos.

Oil-tank volume                                   220L

Pysical size                                         2400mmx1200mmx1300mm

Net weight                                           2000Kg