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Radial Riveting Machine

JM40-PLC Radial riveting machine,Heavy duty riveting machine,CNC riveter

  • Pressure: 150Kn
  • Riveting ability: Φ40mm
  • Power: 13Kw
  • Leading manufacturer of riveting machine in China, high-tech enterprise, riveting machine D&R base-Wu

 JM40 (Heavy duty riveting machine)


Heavy duty riveting machine

Max. riveting diameter Ф40mm

Pressure by stepless regulation

Stroke speed adjustable

Hand button or foot-pedal as optional

Rotary parts protected

Set riveting time as will



Scope of applications : The daily hardware, automobile parts, mine-machinery etc.

Customized available:

        The model of JM40 is a kind of heavy duty riveting machine to meet large rivet diameter's requirement, the hydraulic driven ,the machine is more stable and perfect processing result due to by advanced radial technology. The workbench adjustment up and down to meet varies of workpiece's body and shape's requirement, T-slot fixing clamping apparatus available, Hydraulic system equipped with throttle valve to control stroke speed effectively. Positioning hole is coaxial with spindle to ensure riveting accuracy at ±0.05mm.



Max. riveting diameter                           Ф 40mm ( solid  steel rivet )

Max. riveting pressure                         150Kn

Pressure system output                       2.5MPa

Stroke Length Range                           40mm

Available working space                      280 mm

Throat depth                                          185 mm

Riveting tool length                                62mm

Spindle eccentricity                              4º

Motive force                                           Hydraulic

Oil-tank volume                                     120 Liters

Pressure oil brand                                46 # (ISO)

Dimension of workbench                     560 mm×280 mm

Power                                                   13Kw

Physical size                                         950 mm×600 mm×2320 mm

Net weight                                             4000Kg